We believe that markets work and securities are fairly priced to reflect known information and current investor sentiment. We believe that individual stock picking and market timing is a futile game and that prudent portfolio management should be grounded in time-tested, evidence-based research. We believe that patient investors are rewarded in the long-run with positive returns for the risk they take.

We believe that building a long-term, mutually-rewarding relationship with our clients is important to the success of their plan and ultimately their ability to achieve their life's goals.  We may be a good match if you are motivated to take control of your finances and interested in aligning your resources to your life's goals.  


We believe that high advisor fees, commissions, mutual fund expenses, trading costs, other hidden charges, and taxes eat into investment returns. We feel that it is important to keep costs low and minimize the effects of taxes so you can enjoy more of your money, and your money can continue to work for you.

Evidence Based Investing

Standard of Excellence


We believe that advisors should be held to the highest standards of competency and ethics. The CFP® certification marks identify advisors  who have met the high standards of competency, ethics, and professionalism established by the CFP Board.  As CFP® professionals, Greg and Ryan have completed extensive training and experience requirements and understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and will make recommendations in your best interest.

Education & Clarity

Power of Wealth Management

We believe that investment management is greatly enhanced when integrated with a sound financial plan. Prudent investment decisions should take into consideration the role risk and taxes play.  Your financial decisions should reflect what you care most about.  

Kahala Financial Advisors, LLC


We believe systematic portfolio rebalancing is important to maintaining a disciplined approach to investing. Rather than wasting time, and ultimately wasting money, trying to guess where the market is headed, routine rebalancing will allow us to capture profits when values are high, and to take advantage of buying opportunities when values are depressed. 

We believe it is important to hold a well diversified portfolio across different asset classes to capture broad market returns, and reduce uncompensated risk and portfolio volatility. Portfolio assets are broadly diversified in over 10,000 companies globally as well as in high quality corporate and government bonds.   

We believe in keeping our fees transparent and straightforward. We do not receive any commissions, kick backs, product incentives, or other types of payments that may pose as a potential conflict of interest. We believe in giving unbiased advice based on the facts of your unique situation and not a proprietary product. Being fee-only enables us to provide our clients with objective advice 100 percent of the time. We are paid by our clients and thus keep their goals and satisfaction as our top priority.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Kahala Financial Advisors, LLC

Minimizing Cost & Taxes

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We believe in educating our clients and bringing clarity to their situation so they understand the impact their decisions will have on their financial well being.